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Chelsea FC Profile: Chris Garland

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Full Name: Christopher Stephen Garland

Born: Sunday, 24th April 1949
Place of birth: Bristol, Avon, England
Height: 5' 9 1/2"
Died: Thursday, 13th July 2023 (aged 74)
Place of death: Nailsea, Somerset, England

Involvement with Chelsea:

Men's 1st Team Player from 1971 to 1975

Playing Career:

Bristol City
Chelsea (Sep 1971 to Feb 1975) - cost: £100,000
Leicester City
Bristol City

Chelsea First-Team Career Summary

Competitive Debut: Saturday, 4th September 1971, Chelsea 3 - 3 Coventry City

Age on debut: 22 years 4 months 11 days

100th Appearance: Wednesday, 13th November 1974, Chelsea 3 - 3 Coventry City

Last Competitive First-Team Appearance: Saturday, 8th March 1975, Chelsea 1 - 2 Derby County


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1971 / 72 17 (1)150023 (1)
1972 / 73 27360036
1973 / 74 26110028
1974 / 75 22 (2)230027 (2)
Total92 (3)71500114 (3)


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1971 / 72 402006
1972 / 73 11030014
1973 / 74 300003
1974 / 75 413008

* oth = other competitive matches such as Full Members Cup, Charity/Community Shield, Fifa World Club Cup.
Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Chris Garland made 114 appearances for Chelsea, of which 3 were as a substitute.

Competitive Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
League4th Sep 1971Chelsea33Coventry City35,459 match drawn
League Cup8th Sep 1971Chelsea20Plymouth Argyle23,011 match won
League11th Sep 1971West Ham United21Chelsea36,866 match lost
League Cup6th Oct 1971Nottingham Forest11Chelsea16,811 match drawn Sub on 46 mins
League17th Dec 1971Coventry City11Chelsea22,424 match drawn Sub on 30 mins
League Cup22nd Dec 1971Chelsea32Tottenham Hotspur43,330 match won scored 1 goal
League27th Dec 1971Chelsea20Ipswich Town43,896 match won scored 1 goal
League1st Jan 1972Derby County10Chelsea33,633 match lost
League Cup5th Jan 1972Tottenham Hotspur22Chelsea52,755 match drawn scored 1 goal
F.A. Cup15th Jan 1972Blackpool01Chelsea22,135 match won
League22nd Jan 1972Manchester United01Chelsea55,927 match won
League29th Jan 1972Chelsea40Everton38,558 match won
League Cup4th Mar 1972Stoke City21Chelsea100,000 match lost
League11th Mar 1972Chelsea00Liverpool38,691 match drawn
League14th Mar 1972Nottingham Forest21Chelsea13,346 match lost
League18th Mar 1972Manchester City10Chelsea53,322 match lost
League8th Apr 1972Chelsea21Crystal Palace34,105 match won scored 1 goal
League12th Apr 1972Wolverhampton Wanderers02Chelsea24,566 match won scored 1 goal
League15th Apr 1972Tottenham Hotspur30Chelsea45,799 match lost
League18th Apr 1972Southampton22Chelsea24,933 match drawn
League22nd Apr 1972Chelsea33Newcastle United33,000 match drawn
League24th Apr 1972Chelsea20Stoke City23,443 match won scored 1 goal
League1st May 1972Leeds United20Chelsea46,565 match lost
League12th Aug 1972Chelsea40Leeds United51,102 match won scored 2 goals
League16th Aug 1972Leicester City11Chelsea22,873 match drawn scored 1 goal
League19th Aug 1972Derby County12Chelsea31,868 match won scored 1 goal
League23rd Aug 1972Chelsea12Liverpool35,375 match lost scored 1 goal
League26th Aug 1972Chelsea21Manchester City30,845 match won
League30th Aug 1972Manchester United00Chelsea44,482 match drawn
League2nd Sep 1972Arsenal11Chelsea46,675 match drawn
League Cup6th Sep 1972Southend United01Chelsea24,160 match won scored 1 goal
League9th Sep 1972Chelsea13West Ham United34,392 match lost scored 1 goal
League16th Sep 1972Sheffield United21Chelsea24,458 match lost scored 1 goal
League23rd Sep 1972Chelsea20Ipswich Town29,647 match won
League30th Sep 1972Coventry City13Chelsea20,058 match won
League Cup4th Oct 1972Derby County00Chelsea28,065 match drawn
League7th Oct 1972Birmingham City22Chelsea38,756 match drawn
League14th Oct 1972Chelsea31West Bromwich Albion28,998 match won scored 1 goal
League21st Oct 1972Tottenham Hotspur01Chelsea47,429 match won booked
League Cup31st Oct 1972Bury01Chelsea16,226 match won scored 1 goal
League4th Nov 1972Liverpool31Chelsea48,932 match lost booked
League11th Nov 1972Chelsea11Leicester City28,456 match drawn
League Cup22nd Nov 1972Chelsea31Notts County22,580 match won scored 1 goal
League Cup13th Dec 1972Chelsea02Norwich City34,316 match lost
League16th Dec 1972Wolverhampton Wanderers10Chelsea20,799 match lost
League23rd Dec 1972Chelsea11Everton23,385 match drawn
League26th Dec 1972Ipswich Town30Chelsea26,243 match lost
League Cup3rd Jan 1973Norwich City10Chelsea34,265 match lost
League10th Feb 1973Chelsea42Sheffield United21,464 match won scored 2 goals
League17th Feb 1973Leeds United11Chelsea41,781 match drawn
F.A. Cup24th Feb 1973Sheffield Wednesday12Chelsea46,910 match won
League3rd Mar 1973Chelsea00Birmingham City26,259 match drawn
League6th Mar 1973Chelsea02Wolverhampton Wanderers18,868 match lost
League10th Mar 1973West Bromwich Albion11Chelsea21,820 match drawn scored 1 goal
F.A. Cup17th Mar 1973Chelsea22Arsenal37,685 match drawn
F.A. Cup20th Mar 1973Arsenal21Chelsea62,642 match lost booked
League24th Mar 1973Newcastle United11Chelsea21,729 match drawn
League27th Mar 1973Manchester City01Chelsea23,973 match won
League3rd Apr 1973Chelsea01Tottenham Hotspur25,536 match lost
League25th Aug 1973Derby County10Chelsea30,666 match lost
League28th Aug 1973Burnley10Chelsea23,818 match lost
League5th Sep 1973Chelsea31Birmingham City25,660 match won
League Cup8th Oct 1973Stoke City10Chelsea17,281 match lost
League13th Oct 1973Chelsea23Ipswich Town25,111 match lost booked
League20th Oct 1973Newcastle United20Chelsea32,154 match lost
League26th Oct 1973Chelsea30Norwich City21,953 match won
League3rd Nov 1973Manchester United22Chelsea48,036 match drawn Sub on 67 mins
League17th Nov 1973Arsenal00Chelsea38,677 match drawn
League24th Nov 1973Chelsea40Southampton22,596 match won scored 1 goal
League8th Dec 1973Chelsea32Leicester City20,686 match won
League15th Dec 1973Chelsea12Leeds United40,768 match lost
League1st Jan 1974Sheffield United12Chelsea32,575 match won
F.A. Cup5th Jan 1974Chelsea00Queens Park Rangers31,540 match drawn booked
League12th Jan 1974Coventry City22Chelsea20,813 match drawn scored 1 goal
League19th Jan 1974Chelsea11Derby County27,185 match drawn
League27th Jan 1974Stoke City10Chelsea31,985 match lost
League2nd Feb 1974Leeds United11Chelsea41,510 match drawn
League9th Feb 1974Chelsea10Manchester City20,206 match won
League23rd Feb 1974Chelsea33Queens Park Rangers34,264 match drawn
League26th Feb 1974Ipswich Town11Chelsea22,415 match drawn scored 1 goal
League2nd Mar 1974West Ham United30Chelsea34,043 match lost
League9th Mar 1974Norwich City22Chelsea19,866 match drawn
League13th Mar 1974Chelsea30Burnley8,171 match won
League16th Mar 1974Chelsea10Newcastle United24,207 match won Sub on 80 mins
League15th Apr 1974Chelsea00Tottenham Hotspur26,258 match drawn
League20th Apr 1974Leicester City30Chelsea22,828 match lost
League27th Apr 1974Chelsea01Stoke City17,150 match lost
League17th Aug 1974Chelsea02Carlisle United31,268 match lost Sub on 73 mins
League31st Aug 1974Chelsea03Liverpool39,461 match lost Sub on 61 mins booked
League7th Sep 1974Middlesbrough11Chelsea25,480 match drawn
League Cup11th Sep 1974Chelsea42Newport County13,322 match won scored 3 goals
League14th Sep 1974Chelsea00Arsenal34,596 match drawn
League21st Sep 1974Ipswich Town20Chelsea23,121 match lost
League25th Sep 1974Derby County41Chelsea22,036 match lost
League28th Sep 1974Chelsea01Wolverhampton Wanderers23,073 match lost
League Cup9th Oct 1974Chelsea22Stoke City19,954 match drawn Sub off booked
League Cup16th Oct 1974Stoke City11Chelsea24,337 match drawn Sub on 46 mins
League26th Oct 1974Chelsea33Stoke City24,718 match drawn scored 1 goal
League2nd Nov 1974Birmingham City20Chelsea30,364 match lost
League13th Nov 1974Chelsea33Coventry City11,048 match drawn scored 1 goal booked
League16th Nov 1974Newcastle United50Chelsea33,821 match lost
League7th Dec 1974Chelsea20Luton Town19,009 match won
League14th Dec 1974Carlisle United12Chelsea12,854 match won
League21st Dec 1974Chelsea11West Ham United34,969 match drawn booked
League26th Dec 1974Arsenal12Chelsea33,784 match won scored 2 goals
League28th Dec 1974Chelsea03Queens Park Rangers38,917 match lost
F.A. Cup4th Jan 1975Chelsea32Sheffield Wednesday24,679 match won scored 1 goal
League11th Jan 1975Luton Town11Chelsea23,096 match drawn
League18th Jan 1975Chelsea02Leeds United34,733 match lost
F.A. Cup25th Jan 1975Chelsea01Birmingham City35,450 match lost
League15th Feb 1975Sheffield United21Chelsea20,542 match lost Sub on 86 mins
League22nd Feb 1975Chelsea32Newcastle United26,770 match won
League1st Mar 1975Liverpool22Chelsea42,762 match drawn
League8th Mar 1975Chelsea12Derby County22,644 match lost

Non-Competitive First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances

Non-Competitive First-Team Goals


Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Chris Garland made 0 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Non-Competitive First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt

Non-First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances

Non-First-Team Goals


Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Chris Garland made 0 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Non-First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt

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Chelsea FC Player Chris Garland

Games Won: 36
Win Percentage: 31.58%
Total Bookings: 9
Times Sent Off: 0


During his Chelsea first-team career of 114 appearances, Chris Garland played alongside the following 32 players (number of appearances together in the same match-day squad in brackets)

Tommy Baldwin (28)
Brian Bason (2)
Peter Bonetti (51)
John Boyle (15)
Ian Britton (27)
Mike Brolly (2)
Charlie Cooke (65)
John Dempsey (40)
Micky Droy (46)
Peter Feely (2)
Steve Finnieston (4)
Bill Garner (33)
Ron Harris (107)
David Hay (22)
Marvin Hinton (19)
John Hollins (110)
Peter Houseman (71)
Alan Hudson (54)
Ian Hutchinson (26)
Steve Kember (89)
Gary Locke (68)
Eddie McCreadie (33)
Paddy Mulligan (26)
Peter Osgood (61)
John Phillips (59)
Steve Sherwood (3)
John Sissons (10)
John Sparrow (8)
Kenny Swain (3)
David Webb (75)
Graham Wilkins (6)
Ray Wilkins (19)