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Chelsea FC Profile: Terry Venables

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Full Name: Terence Frederick Venables

Born: Wednesday, 6th January 1943
Place of birth: Dagenham, London, England
Height: 5' 8 1/4"
Died: Saturday, 25th November 2023 (aged 80)

Involvement with Chelsea:

Men's 1st Team Player from 1960 to 1966

Playing Career:

Chelsea (Feb 1960 to May 1966) - From Chelsea Juniors
Tottenham Hotspur
Queens Park Rangers
Crystal Palace
St. Patrick's Athletic

Chelsea First-Team Career Summary

Competitive Debut: Saturday, 6th February 1960, West Ham United 4 - 2 Chelsea

Age on debut: 17 years 1 months 0 days

100th Appearance: Saturday, 24th August 1963, Chelsea 0 - 0 West Ham United

200th Appearance: Saturday, 2nd October 1965, West Bromwich Albion 1 - 2 Chelsea

Last Competitive First-Team Appearance: Wednesday, 27th April 1966, Barcelona 2 - 0 Chelsea


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1959 / 60 100001
1960 / 61 36130040
1961 / 62 12000012
1962 / 63 42400046
1963 / 64 38300041
1964 / 65 39550049
1965 / 66 34608048


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1961 / 62 100001
1962 / 63 210003
1963 / 64 800008
1964 / 65 701008
1965 / 66 8003011

* oth = other competitive matches such as Full Members Cup, Charity/Community Shield, Fifa World Club Cup.
Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Terry Venables made 237 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Competitive Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
League6th Feb 1960West Ham United42Chelsea29,655 match lost
League20th Aug 1960Aston Villa32Chelsea43,776 match lost
League24th Aug 1960Chelsea13Leicester City24,691 match lost
League27th Aug 1960Chelsea33Wolverhampton Wanderers41,681 match drawn
League31st Aug 1960Leicester City13Chelsea21,087 match won
League3rd Sep 1960Bolton Wanderers41Chelsea21,609 match lost
League7th Sep 1960Chelsea52Blackburn Rovers23,224 match won
League10th Sep 1960Chelsea32West Ham United37,873 match won
League17th Sep 1960Fulham32Chelsea37,423 match lost
League19th Sep 1960Blackburn Rovers31Chelsea21,508 match lost
League24th Sep 1960Blackpool14Chelsea26,546 match won
League1st Oct 1960Chelsea33Everton31,457 match drawn
League Cup10th Oct 1960Millwall17Chelsea15,007 match won
League15th Oct 1960Birmingham City10Chelsea23,337 match lost
League22nd Oct 1960Chelsea26Burnley29,080 match lost
League29th Oct 1960Preston North End02Chelsea14,174 match won
League5th Nov 1960Chelsea42Newcastle United30,489 match won
League12th Nov 1960Arsenal14Chelsea38,886 match won
League Cup16th Nov 1960Doncaster Rovers07Chelsea9,951 match won
League19th Nov 1960Chelsea63Manchester City37,346 match won
League26th Nov 1960Nottingham Forest21Chelsea22,121 match lost
League3rd Dec 1960Chelsea71West Bromwich Albion19,568 match won
League10th Dec 1960Cardiff City21Chelsea21,840 match lost
League Cup14th Dec 1960Portsmouth10Chelsea13,054 match lost
League17th Dec 1960Chelsea24Aston Villa23,805 match lost
F.A. Cup7th Jan 1961Chelsea12Crewe Alexandra32,574 match lost
League14th Jan 1961Chelsea11Bolton Wanderers20,461 match drawn
League21st Jan 1961West Ham United31Chelsea21,829 match lost
League4th Feb 1961Chelsea21Fulham39,185 match won
League11th Feb 1961Chelsea22Blackpool21,993 match drawn
League18th Feb 1961Everton11Chelsea34,449 match drawn
League25th Feb 1961Sheffield Wednesday10Chelsea21,936 match lost
League4th Mar 1961Chelsea32Birmingham City27,727 match won
League11th Mar 1961Burnley44Chelsea19,435 match drawn
League18th Mar 1961Chelsea11Preston North End22,031 match drawn
League25th Mar 1961Newcastle United16Chelsea28,975 match won
League31st Mar 1961Tottenham Hotspur42Chelsea65,032 match lost
League1st Apr 1961Chelsea61Cardiff City22,697 match won
League3rd Apr 1961Chelsea23Tottenham Hotspur57,103 match lost
League8th Apr 1961Manchester City21Chelsea27,720 match lost
League29th Apr 1961Chelsea43Nottingham Forest22,775 match won
League19th Aug 1961Chelsea22Nottingham Forest20,857 match drawn
League23rd Aug 1961Manchester United32Chelsea45,559 match lost
League26th Aug 1961Aston Villa31Chelsea35,840 match lost
League30th Aug 1961Chelsea20Manchester United42,248 match won
League2nd Sep 1961Chelsea00Fulham37,998 match drawn
League6th Sep 1961Cardiff City52Chelsea20,883 match lost scored 1 goal
League30th Sep 1961Blackpool40Chelsea24,191 match lost
League7th Oct 1961Sheffield Wednesday53Chelsea28,093 match lost
League14th Oct 1961Chelsea13Leicester City21,377 match lost
League10th Feb 1962Blackburn Rovers30Chelsea12,206 match lost
League24th Mar 1962Chelsea23Arsenal31,016 match lost
League28th Apr 1962Burnley11Chelsea29,078 match drawn
League18th Aug 1962Rotherham United01Chelsea11,268 match won
League22nd Aug 1962Chelsea30Scunthorpe United18,377 match won
League25th Aug 1962Chelsea50Charlton Athletic24,683 match won
League28th Aug 1962Scunthorpe United30Chelsea11,196 match lost
League1st Sep 1962Stoke City00Chelsea19,470 match drawn
League8th Sep 1962Chelsea10Sunderland32,901 match won
League10th Sep 1962Chelsea20Southampton18,890 match won
League15th Sep 1962Leeds United20Chelsea27,620 match lost
League19th Sep 1962Southampton21Chelsea18,717 match lost
League22nd Sep 1962Chelsea22Swansea Town22,693 match drawn
League29th Sep 1962Portsmouth02Chelsea22,627 match won
League6th Oct 1962Chelsea60Cardiff City25,434 match won scored 1 goal
League13th Oct 1962Huddersfield Town10Chelsea23,936 match lost
League20th Oct 1962Chelsea32Middlesbrough32,551 match won
League27th Oct 1962Derby County13Chelsea12,653 match won
League3rd Nov 1962Chelsea42Newcastle United34,428 match won
League10th Nov 1962Walsall15Chelsea8,492 match won
League17th Nov 1962Chelsea20Norwich City28,816 match won
League24th Nov 1962Grimsby Town03Chelsea10,823 match won
League1st Dec 1962Chelsea11Plymouth Argyle29,829 match drawn
League8th Dec 1962Preston North End13Chelsea14,487 match won
League15th Dec 1962Chelsea30Rotherham United19,735 match won
League22nd Dec 1962Charlton Athletic14Chelsea21,307 match won
League26th Dec 1962Luton Town02Chelsea11,867 match won
F.A. Cup5th Jan 1963Tranmere Rovers22Chelsea17,162 match drawn
F.A. Cup30th Jan 1963Chelsea31Tranmere Rovers20,505 match won scored 1 goal
League9th Feb 1963Swansea Town20Chelsea13,359 match lost
League23rd Feb 1963Cardiff City10Chelsea16,108 match lost
League2nd Mar 1963Chelsea12Huddersfield Town32,427 match lost
F.A. Cup6th Mar 1963Charlton Athletic03Chelsea37,522 match won
League9th Mar 1963Middlesbrough10Chelsea24,781 match lost
F.A. Cup16th Mar 1963Manchester United21Chelsea48,298 match lost
League23rd Mar 1963Newcastle United20Chelsea39,418 match lost
League27th Mar 1963Chelsea31Derby County19,553 match won
League30th Mar 1963Chelsea01Walsall19,625 match lost
League1st Apr 1963Chelsea31Luton Town21,211 match won
League6th Apr 1963Norwich City41Chelsea20,205 match lost
League12th Apr 1963Chelsea20Bury45,069 match won
League13th Apr 1963Chelsea21Grimsby Town21,768 match won
League16th Apr 1963Bury20Chelsea11,936 match lost
League20th Apr 1963Plymouth Argyle21Chelsea17,027 match lost
League27th Apr 1963Chelsea20Preston North End23,770 match won
League30th Apr 1963Chelsea22Leeds United24,387 match drawn
League11th May 1963Chelsea01Stoke City66,199 match lost
League18th May 1963Sunderland01Chelsea47,918 match won
League21st May 1963Chelsea70Portsmouth54,558 match won scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League24th Aug 1963Chelsea00West Ham United46,298 match drawn
League27th Aug 1963Burnley00Chelsea19,674 match drawn
League31st Aug 1963Sheffield United11Chelsea18,125 match drawn
League4th Sep 1963Chelsea20Burnley31,881 match won scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League7th Sep 1963Chelsea13Liverpool38,202 match lost
League11th Sep 1963Chelsea10Blackburn Rovers27,384 match won
League14th Sep 1963Aston Villa20Chelsea23,720 match lost
League16th Sep 1963Blackburn Rovers22Chelsea23,217 match drawn
League21st Sep 1963Chelsea03Tottenham Hotspur57,401 match lost
League28th Sep 1963Wolverhampton Wanderers41Chelsea20,762 match lost
League2nd Oct 1963Chelsea11Manchester United45,351 match drawn
League5th Oct 1963Chelsea33Stoke City29,204 match drawn
League12th Oct 1963Ipswich Town13Chelsea15,703 match won scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League19th Oct 1963Chelsea12Sheffield Wednesday31,948 match lost scored 1 goal
League26th Oct 1963Fulham01Chelsea32,945 match won
League2nd Nov 1963Chelsea23Birmingham City22,974 match lost
League9th Nov 1963West Bromwich Albion11Chelsea16,267 match drawn Captain
League16th Nov 1963Chelsea31Arsenal47,050 match won Captain
League23rd Nov 1963Leicester City24Chelsea23,315 match won Captainscored 2 goals (1 Pen)
League30th Nov 1963Chelsea40Bolton Wanderers19,969 match won Captain
League7th Dec 1963Everton11Chelsea39,538 match drawn Captain
League14th Dec 1963West Ham United22Chelsea21,950 match drawn Captain
League21st Dec 1963Chelsea32Sheffield United19,505 match won Captainscored 1 goal
League26th Dec 1963Blackpool15Chelsea17,563 match won Captainscored 1 goal
League28th Dec 1963Chelsea10Blackpool34,380 match won Captain
F.A. Cup4th Jan 1964Tottenham Hotspur11Chelsea49,382 match drawn Captain
F.A. Cup8th Jan 1964Chelsea20Tottenham Hotspur70,123 match won Captain
League11th Jan 1964Liverpool21Chelsea46,460 match lost Captain
League18th Jan 1964Chelsea10Aston Villa23,968 match won Captain
F.A. Cup25th Jan 1964Chelsea12Huddersfield Town39,036 match lost Captain
League8th Feb 1964Chelsea23Wolverhampton Wanderers26,131 match lost Captain
League22nd Feb 1964Chelsea40Ipswich Town20,703 match won Captain
League4th Mar 1964Stoke City20Chelsea21,441 match lost Captain
League7th Mar 1964Chelsea12Fulham26,219 match lost Captain
League14th Mar 1964Arsenal24Chelsea25,513 match won Captain
League21st Mar 1964Chelsea31West Bromwich Albion19,434 match won Captainscored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League23rd Mar 1964Manchester United11Chelsea43,172 match drawn Captain
League31st Mar 1964Nottingham Forest01Chelsea16,453 match won Captain
League6th Apr 1964Chelsea10Leicester City25,315 match won Captain
League11th Apr 1964Bolton Wanderers10Chelsea18,868 match lost Captain
League18th Apr 1964Chelsea10Everton37,963 match won Captain
League22nd Aug 1964Wolverhampton Wanderers03Chelsea25,181 match won Captainscored 1 goal
League26th Aug 1964Chelsea21Aston Villa30,389 match won Captain
League29th Aug 1964Chelsea31Sunderland46,710 match won Captain
League31st Aug 1964Aston Villa22Chelsea19,740 match drawn Captain
League5th Sep 1964Leicester City11Chelsea22,186 match drawn Captain
League9th Sep 1964Chelsea11Sheffield Wednesday31,973 match drawn Captainscored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League12th Sep 1964Chelsea10Fulham41,472 match won Captain
League16th Sep 1964Sheffield Wednesday23Chelsea18,176 match won Captain
League19th Sep 1964Chelsea20Leeds United38,006 match won Captainscored 1 goal
League26th Sep 1964Arsenal13Chelsea54,936 match won Captainscored 1 goal
League30th Sep 1964Chelsea02Manchester United60,769 match lost Captain
League3rd Oct 1964Chelsea51Blackburn Rovers34,913 match won Captain
League10th Oct 1964Nottingham Forest22Chelsea35,320 match drawn Captainscored 1 goal
League17th Oct 1964Chelsea40Stoke City28,650 match won Captain
League24th Oct 1964Tottenham Hotspur11Chelsea52,927 match drawn Captain
League31st Oct 1964Chelsea01Burnley29,040 match lost Captain
League7th Nov 1964Sheffield United02Chelsea23,505 match won Captain
League Cup11th Nov 1964Chelsea32Swansea Town5,979 match won Captain
League14th Nov 1964Chelsea51Everton30,716 match won Captain
League28th Nov 1964Chelsea03West Ham United44,204 match lost Captain
League5th Dec 1964West Bromwich Albion02Chelsea15,518 match won Captain
League12th Dec 1964Chelsea21Wolverhampton Wanderers20,952 match won Captain
League Cup16th Dec 1964Chelsea20Workington7,936 match won Captain
League19th Dec 1964Sunderland30Chelsea41,236 match lost Captain
League26th Dec 1964Chelsea20Blackpool30,581 match won Captain
League2nd Jan 1965Chelsea41Leicester City28,344 match won Captain
F.A. Cup9th Jan 1965Chelsea41Northampton Town44,335 match won Captain
League16th Jan 1965Fulham12Chelsea26,400 match won Captain
League Cup20th Jan 1965Aston Villa23Chelsea12,022 match won Captain
League23rd Jan 1965Leeds United22Chelsea47,109 match drawn Captain
F.A. Cup30th Jan 1965West Ham United01Chelsea37,000 match won Captain
League6th Feb 1965Chelsea21Arsenal46,798 match won Captain
League13th Feb 1965Blackburn Rovers03Chelsea16,683 match won Captain
F.A. Cup20th Feb 1965Chelsea10Tottenham Hotspur63,205 match won Captain
League22nd Feb 1965Chelsea01Nottingham Forest29,038 match lost Captain
League27th Feb 1965Stoke City02Chelsea28,005 match won Captain
F.A. Cup6th Mar 1965Chelsea51Peterborough United63,635 match won Captain
League10th Mar 1965Chelsea31Tottenham Hotspur51,390 match won Captainscored 1 goal
League13th Mar 1965Manchester United40Chelsea56,261 match lost Captain
League Cup15th Mar 1965Chelsea32Leicester City20,690 match won Captainscored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League22nd Mar 1965Chelsea30Sheffield United31,837 match won Captain
F.A. Cup27th Mar 1965Liverpool20Chelsea67,686 match lost Captain booked
League31st Mar 1965Everton11Chelsea40,384 match drawn Captain
League Cup5th Apr 1965Leicester City00Chelsea26,957 match drawn Captain
League12th Apr 1965West Ham United32Chelsea33,288 match lost Captainscored 1 goal
League16th Apr 1965Chelsea40Liverpool62,587 match won Captain
League17th Apr 1965Chelsea22West Bromwich Albion30,792 match drawn Captain
League19th Apr 1965Liverpool20Chelsea41,847 match lost Captain
League26th Apr 1965Blackpool32Chelsea16,008 match lost Captain
League21st Aug 1965Chelsea11Burnley34,067 match drawn Captainscored 1 goal
League25th Aug 1965Stoke City22Chelsea28,549 match drawn Captainscored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League28th Aug 1965Fulham03Chelsea34,027 match won Captain
League1st Sep 1965Chelsea12Stoke City25,071 match lost Captain
League4th Sep 1965Arsenal13Chelsea45,456 match won Captain
League11th Sep 1965Chelsea31Everton29,816 match won Captainscored 1 goal
League15th Sep 1965Chelsea11Sheffield Wednesday26,183 match drawn Captainscored 1 goal
League18th Sep 1965Manchester United41Chelsea37,917 match lost Captainscored 1 goal
Europe22nd Sep 1965Chelsea41Roma32,753 match won Captainscored 3 goals
League25th Sep 1965Chelsea11Newcastle United30,856 match drawn Captain
League2nd Oct 1965West Bromwich Albion12Chelsea23,049 match won Captain
Europe6th Oct 1965Roma00Chelsea40,000 match drawn Captain
League9th Oct 1965Chelsea01Blackpool28,022 match lost Captain
League16th Oct 1965Blackburn Rovers01Chelsea16,167 match won Captain
League23rd Oct 1965Chelsea02Leicester City30,400 match lost Captain
League30th Oct 1965Sheffield United12Chelsea20,795 match won Captain Sub on 46 mins
League27th Nov 1965Aston Villa24Chelsea16,335 match won Captain
Europe1st Dec 1965Chelsea20Wiener Sportklub28,254 match won Captain
League4th Dec 1965Chelsea01Liverpool36,839 match lost Captain
League11th Dec 1965Tottenham Hotspur42Chelsea42,299 match lost
League27th Dec 1965Northampton Town23Chelsea23,325 match won Captain
League28th Dec 1965Chelsea10Northampton Town17,635 match won Captain
League1st Jan 1966Blackpool12Chelsea14,065 match won Captain
League8th Jan 1966Chelsea21Tottenham Hotspur48,529 match won
F.A. Cup22nd Jan 1966Liverpool12Chelsea54,097 match won
League29th Jan 1966Burnley12Chelsea23,825 match won
League5th Feb 1966Chelsea21Fulham34,247 match won
Europe9th Feb 1966A.C. Milan21Chelsea11,411 match lost
F.A. Cup12th Feb 1966Chelsea10Leeds United57,847 match won
Europe16th Feb 1966Chelsea21A.C. Milan59,541 match won
League19th Feb 1966Chelsea00Arsenal48,641 match drawn
League22nd Feb 1966Chelsea32Sunderland20,828 match won
League26th Feb 1966Everton21Chelsea52,752 match lost
F.A. Cup5th Mar 1966Chelsea32Shrewsbury Town51,144 match won
League12th Mar 1966Chelsea20Manchester United60,269 match won
Europe15th Mar 1966T.S.V. Munich 186022Chelsea11,000 match drawn
League19th Mar 1966Newcastle United01Chelsea35,118 match won scored 1 goal
League21st Mar 1966Leicester City11Chelsea25,363 match drawn
F.A. Cup26th Mar 1966Chelsea22Hull City46,924 match drawn
Europe29th Mar 1966Chelsea10T.S.V. Munich 186042,224 match won
F.A. Cup31st Mar 1966Hull City13Chelsea45,328 match won
League9th Apr 1966Chelsea62West Ham United35,958 match won scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League11th Apr 1966Chelsea10Nottingham Forest39,380 match won
League12th Apr 1966Nottingham Forest12Chelsea29,569 match won
League16th Apr 1966Sunderland20Chelsea32,880 match lost
F.A. Cup23rd Apr 1966Sheffield Wednesday20Chelsea61,321 match lost
League25th Apr 1966Chelsea23West Bromwich Albion22,804 match lost scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
Europe27th Apr 1966Barcelona20Chelsea70,000 match lost

Non-Competitive First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances
1964 / 65 6
1965 / 66 7

Non-Competitive First-Team Goals

1964 / 65 3

Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Terry Venables made 13 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Non-Competitive First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
Friendly16th Feb 1965West Germany XI01Chelsea32,000 match won
Friendly29th Apr 1965Charlton Athletic23Chelsea11,657 match won scored 1 goal
Friendly8th May 1965New South Wales (Barbados)05Chelsea25,116 match won
Friendly12th May 1965Australian Capital Territory07Chelsea3,500 match won scored 1 goal
Friendly15th May 1965Northern New South Wales26Chelsea13,226 match won scored 1 goal
Friendly22nd May 1965South Australia12Chelsea14,000 match won Sub off
Friendly27th Jul 1965VFB Stuttgart11Chelsea34,000 match drawn
Friendly30th Jul 1965Hamburg SV02Chelsea30,000 match won
Friendly1st Aug 1965Gothenburg Alliance42Chelsea15,000 match lost
Friendly3rd Aug 1965Orebro SK08Chelsea20,000 match won
Friendly5th Aug 1965Malmo / IFK Norrkoping Select10Chelsea15,000 match lost
Friendly11th Aug 1965Glasgow Select XI03Chelsea36,641 match won
Friendly17th Aug 1965West Germany XI32Chelsea40,000 match lost

Non-First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances

Non-First-Team Goals


Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Terry Venables made 0 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Non-First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt

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Chelsea FC Player Terry Venables

Games Won: 118
Win Percentage: 49.79%
Starts as Captain: 96
Total Bookings: 1
Times Sent Off: 0


During his Chelsea first-team career of 237 appearances, Terry Venables played alongside the following 52 players (number of appearances together in the same match-day squad in brackets)

Sylvan Anderton (22)
Jim Barron (1)
Micky Block (2)
Frank Blunstone (104)
Gordon Bolland (1)
Peter Bonetti (215)
John Boyle (43)
Peter Brabrook (49)
Terry Bradbury (13)
Barry Bridges (164)
Johnny Brooks (27)
Dennis Brown (10)
Dennis Butler (4)
David Cliss (8)
John Dunn (12)
Bobby Evans (33)
Joe Fascione (13)
Derek Gibbs (3)
George Graham (78)
Jimmy Greaves (39)
Tommy Harmer (6)
Allan Harris (53)
Ron Harris (139)
Mike Harrison (21)
Marvin Hinton (111)
John Hollins (94)
Peter Houseman (16)
Derek Kevan (7)
Joe Kirkup (14)
Tommy Knox (21)
Charlie Livesey (15)
Andy Malcolm (3)
Reg Matthews (7)
Jim McCalliog (5)
Eddie McCreadie (147)
Errol McNally (2)
Graham Moore (57)
John Mortimore (136)
James Mulholland (12)
Bert Murray (151)
Peter Osgood (37)
Tommy Robson (3)
Mel Scott (16)
Ken Shellito (87)
John Sillett (37)
Peter Sillett (38)
Dennis Sorrell (3)
Bobby Tambling (182)
Ron Tindall (27)
Frank Upton (73)
Ian Watson (7)
Allan Young (13)