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Chelsea Games Refereed by Keith Styles

List of all competitive Chelsea matches refereed by Keith Styles (Barnsley)

CompDateHome  AwayChelsea CardsOpposition Cards
League4th Nov 1967Burnley11Chelsea match drawn
League Cup28th Oct 1970Manchester United21Chelsea match lost
League24th Apr 1971Chelsea21Coventry City match won
League20th Nov 1971Crystal Palace23Chelsea match won
League27th Mar 1973Manchester City01Chelsea match won
League20th Oct 1973Newcastle United20Chelsea match lost
League27th Aug 1974Burnley12Chelsea match won

In matches refereed by Keith Styles, Chelsea have the following record:


In matches refereed by Keith Styles, the referee issued the following number of cards:

4 Chelsea & 2 opposition
0 Chelsea & 0 opposition

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