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Chelsea FC Profile: Mike Fillery

| Player Summary |

Full Name: Michael Christopher Fillery

Born: Saturday, 17th September 1960 (age: 63)
Place of birth: Mitcham, Surrey, England
Height: 5' 10"

Involvement with Chelsea:

Men's 1st Team Player from 1978 to 1983

Playing Career:

Chelsea (Aug 1978 to Aug 1983) - From Chelsea Juniors
Queens Park Rangers
Oldham Athletic
--->Millwall (L)
--->Torquay United (L)

* (L) = On Loan

Chelsea First-Team Career Summary

Competitive Debut: Wednesday, 4th April 1979, Chelsea 1 - 1 Derby County (Sub)

Age on debut: 18 years 6 months 18 days

100th Appearance: Friday, 16th October 1981, Leicester City 1 - 1 Chelsea

Last Competitive First-Team Appearance: Saturday, 14th May 1983, Chelsea 0 - 0 Middlesbrough


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1978 / 79 7 (1)00007 (1)
1979 / 80 41 (1)110043 (1)
1980 / 81 36 (1)120039 (1)
1981 / 82 40 (1)630049 (1)
1982 / 83 37 (1)330043 (1)
Total161 (5)11900181 (5)


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1979 / 80 11020013
1980 / 81 600006
1981 / 82 6130010
1982 / 83 9210012

* oth = other competitive matches such as Full Members Cup, Charity/Community Shield, Fifa World Club Cup.
Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Mike Fillery made 181 appearances for Chelsea, of which 5 were as a substitute.

Competitive Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
League4th Apr 1979Chelsea11Derby County10,682 match drawn Sub on 72 mins
League10th Apr 1979Bristol City31Chelsea18,645 match lost
League14th Apr 1979Chelsea12Southampton18,243 match lost
League16th Apr 1979Arsenal52Chelsea37,232 match lost
League21st Apr 1979Chelsea21Middlesbrough12,007 match won
League28th Apr 1979Aston Villa21Chelsea29,212 match lost Sub off
League5th May 1979Chelsea23Ipswich Town15,462 match lost Sub off
League18th Aug 1979Chelsea00Sunderland23,500 match drawn
League20th Aug 1979West Ham United01Chelsea31,627 match won
League25th Aug 1979Chelsea31Wrexham18,732 match won
League Cup28th Aug 1979Plymouth Argyle22Chelsea10,802 match drawn scored 2 goals
League1st Sep 1979Newcastle United21Chelsea25,230 match lost scored 1 goal
League8th Sep 1979Chelsea12Birmingham City17,182 match lost
League15th Sep 1979Shrewsbury Town30Chelsea9,271 match lost
League22nd Sep 1979Chelsea20Watford21,480 match won
League29th Sep 1979Cambridge United01Chelsea8,792 match won
League6th Oct 1979Burnley01Chelsea8,341 match won booked
League13th Oct 1979Chelsea10Bristol Rovers18,236 match won
League20th Oct 1979Cardiff City12Chelsea16,328 match won scored 1 goal
League27th Oct 1979Chelsea02Fulham30,567 match lost
League3rd Nov 1979Sunderland21Chelsea24,988 match lost
League10th Nov 1979Orient37Chelsea13,005 match won scored 1 goal
League14th Nov 1979Chelsea21West Ham United30,859 match won scored 1 goal
League17th Nov 1979Chelsea31Charlton Athletic23,035 match won scored 1 goal
League24th Nov 1979Notts County23Chelsea12,646 match won
League1st Dec 1979Chelsea20Preston North End21,192 match won
League8th Dec 1979Oldham Athletic10Chelsea10,201 match lost
League15th Dec 1979Chelsea30Swansea City18,065 match won
League18th Dec 1979Queens Park Rangers22Chelsea26,598 match drawn
League26th Dec 1979Chelsea10Leicester City25,320 match won scored 1 goal
League29th Dec 1979Wrexham20Chelsea15,641 match lost
League1st Jan 1980Luton Town33Chelsea19,717 match drawn scored 1 goal
League12th Jan 1980Chelsea40Newcastle United32,281 match won scored 1 goal
F.A. Cup14th Jan 1980Chelsea01Wigan Athletic22,300 match lost
League2nd Feb 1980Chelsea24Shrewsbury Town18,120 match lost
League9th Feb 1980Watford23Chelsea24,716 match won
League16th Feb 1980Chelsea11Cambridge United17,112 match drawn scored 1 goal
League23rd Feb 1980Bristol Rovers30Chelsea14,176 match lost
League1st Mar 1980Chelsea10Cardiff City18,449 match won
League8th Mar 1980Fulham12Chelsea22,348 match won
League11th Mar 1980Birmingham City51Chelsea27,297 match lost booked
League15th Mar 1980Chelsea21Burnley16,189 match won
League22nd Mar 1980Chelsea10Orient19,706 match won
League2nd Apr 1980Chelsea02Queens Park Rangers31,035 match lost
League5th Apr 1980Leicester City10Chelsea25,826 match lost
League7th Apr 1980Chelsea11Luton Town28,078 match drawn Sub on 79 mins
League12th Apr 1980Preston North End11Chelsea13,069 match drawn scored 1 goal
League19th Apr 1980Chelsea10Notts County24,002 match won
League26th Apr 1980Swansea City11Chelsea16,000 match drawn
League3rd May 1980Chelsea30Oldham Athletic28,253 match won scored 1 goal
League16th Aug 1980Chelsea22Wrexham20,001 match drawn scored 1 goal
League20th Aug 1980Derby County32Chelsea20,353 match lost
League23rd Aug 1980Shrewsbury Town22Chelsea6,672 match drawn scored 1 goal
League Cup27th Aug 1980Cardiff City10Chelsea6,549 match lost
League30th Aug 1980Chelsea11Queens Park Rangers23,381 match drawn
League Cup3rd Sep 1980Chelsea11Cardiff City12,959 match drawn
League6th Sep 1980Chelsea01West Ham United32,669 match lost
League13th Sep 1980Cambridge United01Chelsea9,474 match won
League20th Sep 1980Chelsea11Preston North End13,755 match drawn Sub off
League27th Sep 1980Watford23Chelsea19,802 match won booked
League4th Oct 1980Bolton Wanderers23Chelsea11,888 match won scored 1 goal
League8th Oct 1980Chelsea20Bristol Rovers13,108 match won
League11th Oct 1980Chelsea30Grimsby Town16,206 match won
League18th Oct 1980Blackburn Rovers11Chelsea15,503 match drawn
League21st Oct 1980Orient01Chelsea11,950 match won scored 1 goal
League25th Oct 1980Chelsea60Newcastle United22,912 match won scored 1 goal
League31st Oct 1980Cardiff City01Chelsea8,489 match won Sub on 30 mins
League13th Dec 1980Grimsby Town20Chelsea14,708 match lost
League20th Dec 1980Chelsea01Orient15,943 match lost
League26th Dec 1980Luton Town20Chelsea16,006 match lost
League27th Dec 1980Chelsea00Bristol City18,514 match drawn
F.A. Cup3rd Jan 1981Southampton31Chelsea23,694 match lost
League10th Jan 1981Sheffield Wednesday00Chelsea25,113 match drawn
League17th Jan 1981Queens Park Rangers10Chelsea22,873 match lost
League31st Jan 1981Chelsea30Shrewsbury Town14,673 match won scored 1 goal
League7th Feb 1981Chelsea30Cambridge United16,704 match won
League14th Feb 1981West Ham United40Chelsea35,164 match lost
League21st Feb 1981Chelsea01Watford19,153 match lost
League28th Feb 1981Preston North End10Chelsea8,129 match lost
League7th Mar 1981Chelsea20Bolton Wanderers12,948 match won
League14th Mar 1981Bristol Rovers10Chelsea7,565 match lost
League21st Mar 1981Chelsea00Blackburn Rovers14,314 match drawn
League28th Mar 1981Newcastle United10Chelsea17,392 match lost Sub off
League4th Apr 1981Chelsea01Cardiff City11,569 match lost
League11th Apr 1981Oldham Athletic00Chelsea6,740 match drawn
League18th Apr 1981Bristol City00Chelsea9,764 match drawn
League20th Apr 1981Chelsea02Luton Town12,868 match lost
League25th Apr 1981Swansea City30Chelsea16,063 match lost Sub on
League2nd May 1981Chelsea02Notts County13,324 match lost
League29th Aug 1981Chelsea20Bolton Wanderers16,606 match won
League5th Sep 1981Cardiff City12Chelsea8,898 match won
League12th Sep 1981Chelsea13Watford20,036 match lost
League19th Sep 1981Shrewsbury Town10Chelsea5,616 match lost
League23rd Sep 1981Chelsea22Charlton Athletic15,329 match drawn
League26th Sep 1981Chelsea21Norwich City14,509 match won
League28th Sep 1981Orient02Chelsea9,698 match won scored 1 goal booked
League3rd Oct 1981Cambridge United10Chelsea8,606 match lost
League Cup6th Oct 1981Southampton11Chelsea16,901 match drawn scored 1 goal
League10th Oct 1981Chelsea20Wrexham14,170 match won scored 1 goal
League16th Oct 1981Leicester City11Chelsea18,358 match drawn scored 1 goal booked
League24th Oct 1981Chelsea12Barnsley15,268 match lost
League Cup28th Oct 1981Chelsea21Southampton27,370 match won scored 1 goal
League31st Oct 1981Rotherham United60Chelsea10,145 match lost
League7th Nov 1981Chelsea21Newcastle United16,059 match won scored 1 goal
League Cup11th Nov 1981Wigan Athletic42Chelsea12,068 match lost scored 1 goal
League14th Nov 1981Oldham Athletic10Chelsea9,773 match lost
League21st Nov 1981Chelsea11Grimsby Town11,931 match drawn
League24th Nov 1981Charlton Athletic34Chelsea11,082 match won
League28th Nov 1981Derby County11Chelsea13,963 match drawn
League5th Dec 1981Chelsea21Sheffield Wednesday17,033 match won
League19th Dec 1981Chelsea11Blackburn Rovers11,768 match drawn
League26th Dec 1981Queens Park Rangers02Chelsea22,022 match won
League16th Jan 1982Bolton Wanderers22Chelsea7,278 match drawn
F.A. Cup18th Jan 1982Chelsea00Hull City14,899 match drawn
F.A. Cup21st Jan 1982Hull City02Chelsea13,238 match won
F.A. Cup23rd Jan 1982Chelsea00Wrexham17,226 match drawn
F.A. Cup26th Jan 1982Wrexham11Chelsea8,655 match drawn
League30th Jan 1982Chelsea31Shrewsbury Town11,446 match won Sub on 50 mins
League6th Feb 1982Watford10Chelsea17,101 match lost Sub on 75 mins
F.A. Cup13th Feb 1982Chelsea20Liverpool41,422 match won
League17th Feb 1982Chelsea10Cardiff City9,710 match won
League20th Feb 1982Norwich City21Chelsea16,018 match lost
League27th Feb 1982Wrexham10Chelsea3,935 match lost
F.A. Cup6th Mar 1982Chelsea23Tottenham Hotspur42,557 match lost scored 1 goal
League9th Mar 1982Chelsea41Leicester City10,586 match won
League12th Mar 1982Barnsley21Chelsea12,706 match lost
League17th Mar 1982Chelsea12Crystal Palace13,894 match lost
League20th Mar 1982Chelsea14Rotherham United11,900 match lost
League27th Mar 1982Newcastle United10Chelsea26,887 match lost
League3rd Apr 1982Chelsea22Oldham Athletic8,938 match drawn
League7th Apr 1982Chelsea41Cambridge United6,196 match won scored 1 goal
League12th Apr 1982Crystal Palace01Chelsea17,189 match won
League17th Apr 1982Grimsby Town33Chelsea9,164 match drawn
League20th Apr 1982Luton Town22Chelsea16,185 match drawn scored 1 goal
League24th Apr 1982Chelsea02Derby County11,005 match lost
League5th May 1982Chelsea22Orient6,009 match drawn
League8th May 1982Chelsea12Luton Town15,044 match lost
League15th May 1982Blackburn Rovers11Chelsea6,133 match drawn
League28th Aug 1982Cambridge United01Chelsea8,124 match won
League31st Aug 1982Chelsea00Wolverhampton Wanderers14,192 match drawn
League4th Sep 1982Chelsea11Leicester City14,127 match drawn
League8th Sep 1982Derby County10Chelsea8,075 match lost
League11th Sep 1982Newcastle United11Chelsea29,084 match drawn
League18th Sep 1982Chelsea20Oldham Athletic10,263 match won
League25th Sep 1982Sheffield Wednesday32Chelsea18,833 match lost scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League2nd Oct 1982Chelsea52Grimsby Town10,019 match won scored 1 goal
League Cup6th Oct 1982Chelsea31Tranmere Rovers7,982 match won scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League9th Oct 1982Chelsea00Leeds United25,358 match drawn
League16th Oct 1982Blackburn Rovers30Chelsea6,062 match lost
League23rd Oct 1982Chelsea31Charlton Athletic14,492 match won
League Cup27th Oct 1982Tranmere Rovers12Chelsea4,579 match won
League6th Nov 1982Chelsea00Crystal Palace15,169 match drawn
League Cup9th Nov 1982Notts County20Chelsea8,852 match lost
League13th Nov 1982Barnsley11Chelsea13,286 match drawn scored 1 goal
League20th Nov 1982Chelsea12Shrewsbury Town8,690 match lost
League27th Nov 1982Rotherham United10Chelsea8,793 match lost
League4th Dec 1982Chelsea21Burnley8,184 match won
League11th Dec 1982Middlesbrough31Chelsea8,836 match lost scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League28th Dec 1982Chelsea00Fulham29,797 match drawn Sub on 77 mins
League1st Jan 1983Shrewsbury Town20Chelsea7,545 match lost
League3rd Jan 1983Leicester City30Chelsea13,745 match lost
F.A. Cup8th Jan 1983Huddersfield Town11Chelsea17,004 match drawn
F.A. Cup12th Jan 1983Chelsea20Huddersfield Town14,417 match won scored 1 goal
League15th Jan 1983Chelsea60Cambridge United7,808 match won scored 2 goals
League22nd Jan 1983Wolverhampton Wanderers21Chelsea19,533 match lost
F.A. Cup29th Jan 1983Derby County21Chelsea23,383 match lost scored 1 goal
League5th Feb 1983Chelsea13Derby County8,661 match lost
League12th Feb 1983Grimsby Town21Chelsea6,711 match lost
League19th Feb 1983Leeds United33Chelsea19,365 match drawn scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League26th Feb 1983Chelsea20Blackburn Rovers6,982 match won
League5th Mar 1983Charlton Athletic52Chelsea11,211 match lost
League12th Mar 1983Chelsea42Carlisle United6,677 match won
League19th Mar 1983Crystal Palace00Chelsea13,437 match drawn
League2nd Apr 1983Fulham11Chelsea15,249 match drawn
League4th Apr 1983Chelsea02Queens Park Rangers20,821 match lost booked sent off
League9th Apr 1983Oldham Athletic22Chelsea4,973 match drawn scored 2 goals (1 Pen)
League16th Apr 1983Chelsea02Newcastle United13,446 match lost
League30th Apr 1983Chelsea11Rotherham United8,674 match drawn
League2nd May 1983Chelsea11Sheffield Wednesday10,462 match drawn
League7th May 1983Bolton Wanderers01Chelsea8,687 match won
League14th May 1983Chelsea00Middlesbrough19,340 match drawn

Non-Competitive First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances
1979 / 80 1 (1)
1981 / 82 1
Total2 (1)

Non-Competitive First-Team Goals

1981 / 82 1

Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Mike Fillery made 2 appearances for Chelsea, of which 1 were as a substitute.

Non-Competitive First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
Friendly28th Jul 1979Wimbledon21Chelsea3,070 match lost Sub on 46 mins
Friendly17th Nov 1981Cambridge University23Chelsea154 match won scored 1 goal (1 Pen)

Non-First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances

Non-First-Team Goals


Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Mike Fillery made 0 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Non-First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt

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Chelsea FC Player Mike Fillery

Games Won: 63
Win Percentage: 34.81%
Total Bookings: 6
Times Sent Off: 1


During his Chelsea first-team career of 181 appearances, Mike Fillery played alongside the following 43 players (number of appearances together in the same match-day squad in brackets)

Trevor Aylott (8)
Eamonn Bannon (14)
Peter Bonetti (3)
Petar Borota (98)
Ian Britton (87)
John Bumstead (132)
Paul Canoville (22)
Gary Chivers (133)
Jimmy Clare (1)
Phil Driver (38)
Micky Droy (121)
Timmy Elmes (4)
Mark Falco (3)
Steve Francis (73)
Lee Frost (13)
Kevin Hales (25)
Ron Harris (46)
Chris Hutchings (86)
Bob Iles (7)
Gary Johnson (20)
Joey Jones (27)
Keith Jones (1)
Tommy Langley (44)
Colin Lee (120)
Gary Locke (97)
Alan Mayes (70)
Tony McAndrew (9)
Micky Nutton (62)
Peter Osgood (3)
Colin Pates (115)
Peter Rhoades-Brown (88)
Bryan Robson (16)
Dennis Rofe (55)
John Sitton (3)
John Sparrow (12)
David Speedie (35)
Garry Stanley (5)
David Stride (9)
Colin Viljoen (23)
Clive Walker (144)
Graham Wilkins (53)
Ray Wilkins (7)
Paul Williams (1)