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Chelsea FC Profile: Paulo Ferreira

| Player Summary |

Full Name: Paulo Renato Rebocho Ferreira

Born: Thursday, 18th January 1979 (age: 45)
Place of birth: Setúbal, Portugal
Height: 5' 11"

Involvement with Chelsea:

Men's 1st Team Player from 2004 to 2013

Playing Career:

Vitoria Setubal
Chelsea (Jul 2004 to May 2013) - cost: £13,200,000 - Retired

* Retired = Retired from playing at the end of Chelsea contract, or for reason stated

Chelsea First-Team Career Summary

Competitive Debut: Sunday, 15th August 2004, Chelsea 1 - 0 Manchester United

Age on debut: 25 years 6 months 28 days

100th Appearance: Sunday, 11th March 2007, Chelsea 3 - 3 Tottenham Hotspur

200th Appearance: Wednesday, 20th April 2011, Chelsea 3 - 1 Birmingham City

Last Competitive First-Team Appearance: Sunday, 19th May 2013, Chelsea 2 - 1 Everton (Substitute)


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
2004 / 05 291 (1)57 (1)042 (2)
2005 / 06 21 (3)3 (1)16132 (4)
2006 / 07 24 (6)5 (1)26 (2)138 (9)
2007 / 08 18 (3)3 (1)2 (1)5028 (5)
2008 / 09 7 (6)12 (1)2 (2)012 (9)
2009 / 10 13 (2)430020 (2)
2010 / 11 21 (9)115 (1)129 (10)
2011 / 12 6 (3)012 (1)09 (4)
2012 / 13 2 (2)11 (1)2 (1)1 (1)7 (5)
Total141 (34)19 (4)18 (3)35 (8)4 (1)217 (50)


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
2005 / 06 010001
2009 / 10 001001

* oth = other competitive matches such as Full Members Cup, Charity/Community Shield, Fifa World Club Cup.
Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Paulo Ferreira made 217 appearances for Chelsea, of which 50 were as a substitute.

Competitive Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
League15th Aug 2004Chelsea10Manchester United41,813 match won
League21st Aug 2004Birmingham City01Chelsea28,559 match won
League24th Aug 2004Crystal Palace02Chelsea24,953 match won
League28th Aug 2004Chelsea21Southampton40,864 match won
League11th Sep 2004Aston Villa00Chelsea36,691 match drawn
Europe14th Sep 2004Paris Saint Germain03Chelsea40,000 match won
League19th Sep 2004Chelsea00Tottenham Hotspur42,246 match drawn
League25th Sep 2004Middlesbrough01Chelsea32,341 match won
Europe29th Sep 2004Chelsea31Porto39,237 match won
League3rd Oct 2004Chelsea10Liverpool42,028 match won
League16th Oct 2004Manchester City10Chelsea45,047 match lost booked
Europe20th Oct 2004Chelsea20CSKA Moscow33,945 match won
League Cup27th Oct 2004Chelsea10West Ham United41,774 match won
League30th Oct 2004West Bromwich Albion14Chelsea27,399 match won
Europe2nd Nov 2004CSKA Moscow01Chelsea28,000 match won Sub on 54 mins
League6th Nov 2004Chelsea10Everton41,965 match won
League Cup10th Nov 2004Newcastle United02Chelsea38,055 match won
League13th Nov 2004Fulham14Chelsea21,877 match won
League20th Nov 2004Chelsea22Bolton Wanderers42,203 match drawn
League27th Nov 2004Charlton Athletic04Chelsea26,355 match won
League4th Dec 2004Chelsea40Newcastle United42,328 match won
Europe7th Dec 2004Porto21Chelsea42,409 match lost
League12th Dec 2004Arsenal22Chelsea38,153 match drawn
League18th Dec 2004Chelsea40Norwich City42,071 match won
League26th Dec 2004Chelsea10Aston Villa41,950 match won
League28th Dec 2004Portsmouth02Chelsea20,210 match won booked
League1st Jan 2005Liverpool01Chelsea43,886 match won
League4th Jan 2005Chelsea20Middlesbrough40,982 match won
F.A. Cup8th Jan 2005Chelsea31Scunthorpe United40,019 match won Sub on 69 mins
League Cup12th Jan 2005Chelsea00Manchester United41,492 match drawn
League15th Jan 2005Tottenham Hotspur02Chelsea36,105 match won
League22nd Jan 2005Chelsea30Portsmouth42,267 match won
League Cup26th Jan 2005Manchester United12Chelsea67,000 match won
League2nd Feb 2005Blackburn Rovers01Chelsea23,414 match won
League6th Feb 2005Chelsea00Manchester City42,093 match drawn
League12th Feb 2005Everton01Chelsea40,270 match won
Europe23rd Feb 2005Barcelona21Chelsea89,000 match lost
League Cup27th Feb 2005Liverpool23Chelsea78,000 match won
League5th Mar 2005Norwich City13Chelsea24,506 match won
Europe8th Mar 2005Chelsea42Barcelona41,515 match won Sub on 51 mins booked
League15th Mar 2005Chelsea10West Bromwich Albion41,713 match won
League19th Mar 2005Chelsea41Crystal Palace41,667 match won
F.A. Community Shield7th Aug 2005Arsenal12Chelsea58,014 match won
League14th Aug 2005Wigan Athletic01Chelsea23,575 match won
League21st Aug 2005Chelsea10Arsenal42,136 match won
League27th Aug 2005Tottenham Hotspur02Chelsea36,077 match won
Europe13th Sep 2005Chelsea10Anderlecht29,575 match won
League17th Sep 2005Charlton Athletic02Chelsea27,111 match won
League24th Sep 2005Chelsea21Aston Villa42,146 match won
Europe28th Sep 2005Liverpool00Chelsea42,743 match drawn
League15th Oct 2005Chelsea51Bolton Wanderers41,775 match won Sub on 59 mins
League Cup26th Oct 2005Chelsea11Charlton Athletic42,198 match drawn
Europe1st Nov 2005Real Betis10Chelsea55,000 match lost
League6th Nov 2005Manchester United10Chelsea67,864 match lost booked
League26th Nov 2005Portsmouth02Chelsea20,182 match won
Europe6th Dec 2005Chelsea00Liverpool41,598 match drawn Sub on 46 mins
League18th Dec 2005Arsenal02Chelsea38,347 match won
League26th Dec 2005Chelsea32Fulham42,313 match won
League28th Dec 2005Manchester City01Chelsea46,587 match won Sub on 83 mins
League31st Dec 2005Chelsea20Birmingham City40,652 match won
F.A. Cup7th Jan 2006Chelsea21Huddersfield Town41,650 match won Sub on 77 mins
F.A. Cup19th Feb 2006Chelsea31Colchester United41,810 match won scored 1 goal booked
Europe22nd Feb 2006Chelsea12Barcelona39,521 match lost
League25th Feb 2006Chelsea20Portsmouth42,254 match won
League4th Mar 2006West Bromwich Albion12Chelsea26,581 match won
Europe7th Mar 2006Barcelona11Chelsea98,436 match drawn
League11th Mar 2006Chelsea21Tottenham Hotspur42,243 match won
League19th Mar 2006Fulham10Chelsea22,486 match lost
League25th Mar 2006Chelsea20Manchester City42,321 match won
League1st Apr 2006Birmingham City00Chelsea26,364 match drawn
League15th Apr 2006Bolton Wanderers02Chelsea27,266 match won Sub on 82 mins
F.A. Cup22nd Apr 2006Liverpool21Chelsea64,575 match lost
League29th Apr 2006Chelsea30Manchester United42,219 match won
League7th May 2006Newcastle United10Chelsea52,309 match lost
F.A. Community Shield13th Aug 2006Liverpool21Chelsea56,275 match lost Sub on 81 mins
League20th Aug 2006Chelsea30Manchester City41,953 match won
League23rd Aug 2006Middlesbrough21Chelsea29,198 match lost booked
League17th Sep 2006Chelsea10Liverpool41,882 match won Sub on 71 mins
League23rd Sep 2006Fulham02Chelsea24,290 match won
Europe27th Sep 2006Levski Sofia13Chelsea27,950 match won
League14th Oct 2006Reading01Chelsea24,025 match won
League21st Oct 2006Chelsea21Portsmouth41,838 match won
League28th Oct 2006Sheffield United02Chelsea32,321 match won
Europe31st Oct 2006Barcelona22Chelsea98,000 match drawn Sub on 90 mins
League5th Nov 2006Tottenham Hotspur21Chelsea36,070 match lost Sub on 46 mins booked
League26th Nov 2006Manchester United11Chelsea75,948 match drawn Sub on 90 mins
Europe5th Dec 2006Chelsea20Levski Sofia33,358 match won Sub on 58 mins
League Cup20th Dec 2006Newcastle United01Chelsea37,406 match won booked
League26th Dec 2006Chelsea22Reading41,885 match drawn
League30th Dec 2006Chelsea22Fulham41,926 match drawn booked
League2nd Jan 2007Aston Villa00Chelsea41,006 match drawn
F.A. Cup6th Jan 2007Chelsea61Macclesfield Town41,434 match won
League Cup10th Jan 2007Wycombe Wanderers11Chelsea9,771 match drawn
League13th Jan 2007Chelsea40Wigan Athletic40,846 match won Sub on 86 mins
League20th Jan 2007Liverpool20Chelsea44,245 match lost booked
League31st Jan 2007Chelsea30Blackburn Rovers38,000 match won Sub on 87 mins
League10th Feb 2007Chelsea30Middlesbrough41,699 match won
F.A. Cup17th Feb 2007Chelsea40Norwich City41,537 match won
Europe6th Mar 2007Chelsea21Porto39,041 match won Sub on 65 mins
F.A. Cup11th Mar 2007Chelsea33Tottenham Hotspur41,517 match drawn Sub on 34 mins
League17th Mar 2007Chelsea30Sheffield United41,897 match won Sub on 65 mins
F.A. Cup19th Mar 2007Tottenham Hotspur12Chelsea35,519 match won Sub on 90 mins
League31st Mar 2007Watford01Chelsea19,793 match won Sub on 46 mins booked
League7th Apr 2007Chelsea10Tottenham Hotspur41,864 match won
League18th Apr 2007West Ham United14Chelsea34,966 match won Sub on 46 mins
League22nd Apr 2007Newcastle United00Chelsea52,056 match drawn
Europe25th Apr 2007Chelsea10Liverpool39,483 match won
Europe1st May 2007Liverpool10Chelsea42,554 match lost
League6th May 2007Arsenal11Chelsea60,102 match drawn
League9th May 2007Chelsea00Manchester United41,794 match drawn
League13th May 2007Chelsea11Everton41,746 match drawn
F.A. Cup19th May 2007Manchester United01Chelsea89,826 match won booked
League15th Aug 2007Reading12Chelsea24,031 match won Sub on 46 mins
League23rd Sep 2007Manchester United20Chelsea75,663 match lost
Europe3rd Oct 2007Valencia12Chelsea53,000 match won
League7th Oct 2007Bolton Wanderers01Chelsea20,059 match won Sub on 84 mins
League20th Oct 2007Middlesbrough02Chelsea27,699 match won
Europe24th Oct 2007Chelsea20Shalke 0440,910 match won
League27th Oct 2007Chelsea60Manchester City41,832 match won
League Cup31st Oct 2007Chelsea43Leicester City40,037 match won Sub on 52 mins
Europe11th Dec 2007Chelsea00Valencia41,139 match drawn Sub on 71 mins
League16th Dec 2007Arsenal10Chelsea60,139 match lost
League23rd Dec 2007Blackburn Rovers01Chelsea23,966 match won
League26th Dec 2007Chelsea44Aston Villa41,686 match drawn
League1st Jan 2008Fulham12Chelsea25,357 match won Sub on 90 mins
F.A. Cup5th Jan 2008Chelsea10Queens Park Rangers41,289 match won
League Cup8th Jan 2008Chelsea21Everton41,178 match won Sub on 83 mins
F.A. Cup26th Jan 2008Wigan Athletic12Chelsea14,166 match won Sub on 80 mins
League30th Jan 2008Chelsea10Reading41,171 match won
F.A. Cup16th Feb 2008Chelsea31Huddersfield Town41,324 match won
League1st Mar 2008West Ham United04Chelsea34,969 match won
Europe5th Mar 2008Chelsea30Olympiacos37,721 match won booked
League12th Mar 2008Chelsea61Derby County39,447 match won
League15th Mar 2008Sunderland01Chelsea44,679 match won
League19th Mar 2008Tottenham Hotspur44Chelsea36,178 match drawn Sub on 90 mins
League5th Apr 2008Manchester City02Chelsea42,594 match won Sub on 86 mins
League17th Apr 2008Everton01Chelsea37,112 match won booked
Europe22nd Apr 2008Liverpool11Chelsea42,180 match drawn
League26th Apr 2008Chelsea21Manchester United41,828 match won Sub on 66 mins
League5th May 2008Newcastle United02Chelsea52,305 match won
League17th Aug 2008Chelsea40Portsmouth41,468 match won Sub on 83 mins
League Cup24th Sep 2008Portsmouth04Chelsea15,339 match won Sub on 69 mins
League27th Sep 2008Stoke City02Chelsea27,500 match won Sub on 89 mins
League18th Oct 2008Middlesbrough05Chelsea29,221 match won Sub on 65 mins
Europe22nd Oct 2008Chelsea10Roma41,002 match won Sub on 90 mins
League9th Nov 2008Blackburn Rovers02Chelsea20,670 match won Sub on 90 mins
League Cup12th Nov 2008Chelsea11Burnley41,369 match drawn
League15th Nov 2008West Bromwich Albion03Chelsea26,322 match won Sub on 85 mins
Europe26th Nov 2008Bordeaux11Chelsea34,307 match drawn Sub on 83 mins
League6th Dec 2008Bolton Wanderers02Chelsea22,023 match won Sub on 83 mins
F.A. Cup3rd Jan 2009Chelsea11Southend United41,090 match drawn
League21st Feb 2009Aston Villa01Chelsea42,585 match won
League Cup23rd Sep 2009Chelsea10Queens Park Rangers37,781 match won
League24th Oct 2009Chelsea50Blackburn Rovers40,836 match won Sub on 61 mins
League Cup28th Oct 2009Chelsea40Bolton Wanderers41,538 match won
League31st Oct 2009Bolton Wanderers04Chelsea22,680 match won booked
League29th Nov 2009Arsenal03Chelsea60,067 match won Sub on 72 mins
League Cup2nd Dec 2009Blackburn Rovers33Chelsea18,136 match drawn scored 1 goal
League28th Dec 2009Chelsea21Fulham41,805 match won Sub on 65 mins
F.A. Cup23rd Jan 2010Preston North End02Chelsea23,119 match won
F.A. Cup13th Feb 2010Chelsea41Cardiff City40,827 match won
League20th Feb 2010Wolverhampton Wanderers02Chelsea28,978 match won
F.A. Cup7th Mar 2010Chelsea20Stoke City41,322 match won
League13th Mar 2010Chelsea41West Ham United41,755 match won
League21st Mar 2010Blackburn Rovers11Chelsea25,554 match drawn
League24th Mar 2010Portsmouth05Chelsea18,753 match won
League27th Mar 2010Chelsea71Aston Villa41,825 match won booked
League3rd Apr 2010Manchester United12Chelsea75,217 match won
F.A. Cup10th Apr 2010Aston Villa03Chelsea85,472 match won
League13th Apr 2010Chelsea10Bolton Wanderers40,539 match won
League17th Apr 2010Tottenham Hotspur21Chelsea35,814 match lost Sub on 46 mins
League25th Apr 2010Chelsea70Stoke City41,013 match won Sub on 73 mins
F.A. Community Shield8th Aug 2010Manchester United31Chelsea84,623 match lost Sub on 79 mins
League14th Aug 2010Chelsea60West Bromwich Albion41,589 match won Sub on 60 mins booked
League21st Aug 2010Wigan Athletic06Chelsea14,476 match won Sub on 63 mins
League28th Aug 2010Chelsea20Stoke City40,931 match won
League11th Sep 2010West Ham United13Chelsea33,014 match won
League19th Sep 2010Chelsea40Blackpool41,761 match won
League Cup22nd Sep 2010Chelsea34Newcastle United41,511 match lost
League3rd Oct 2010Chelsea20Arsenal41,828 match won Sub on 73 mins booked
League16th Oct 2010Aston Villa00Chelsea40,122 match drawn Sub on 76 mins
Europe19th Oct 2010Spartak Moscow02Chelsea70,012 match won
League23rd Oct 2010Chelsea20Wolverhampton Wanderers41,752 match won Sub on 78 mins
League30th Oct 2010Blackburn Rovers12Chelsea25,836 match won Sub on 90 mins
Europe3rd Nov 2010Chelsea41Spartak Moscow40,477 match won
League10th Nov 2010Chelsea10Fulham41,593 match won Sub on 89 mins
League14th Nov 2010Chelsea03Sunderland41,072 match lost
League20th Nov 2010Birmingham City10Chelsea24,357 match lost Sub on 65 mins
Europe23rd Nov 2010Chelsea21MSK Zilina40,266 match won
League4th Dec 2010Chelsea11Everton41,642 match drawn Sub on 65 mins
Europe8th Dec 2010Marseille10Chelsea57,650 match lost
League12th Dec 2010Tottenham Hotspur11Chelsea35,787 match drawn
League27th Dec 2010Arsenal31Chelsea60,112 match lost Sub on 61 mins
League29th Dec 2010Chelsea10Bolton Wanderers40,982 match won Sub on 90 mins
League2nd Jan 2011Chelsea33Aston Villa41,222 match drawn Sub on 57 mins
League1st Feb 2011Sunderland24Chelsea37,855 match won Sub on 90 mins
F.A. Cup19th Feb 2011Chelsea11Everton41,113 match drawn
League9th Apr 2011Chelsea10Wigan Athletic40,734 match won Sub on 75 mins
Europe12th Apr 2011Manchester United21Chelsea75,000 match lost Sub on 82 mins
League20th Apr 2011Chelsea31Birmingham City40,848 match won
League22nd May 2011Everton10Chelsea38,712 match lost Sub on 70 mins
League Cup21st Sep 2011Chelsea00Fulham37,632 match drawn
Europe19th Oct 2011Chelsea50Genk38,518 match won Sub on 46 mins
League22nd Dec 2011Tottenham Hotspur11Chelsea36,141 match drawn Sub on 33 mins
League26th Dec 2011Chelsea11Fulham41,548 match drawn Sub on 81 mins
League31st Dec 2011Chelsea13Aston Villa41,332 match lost Sub on 75 mins
Europe27th Mar 2012Benfica01Chelsea65,000 match won Sub on 80 mins
League29th Apr 2012Chelsea61Queens Park Rangers41,675 match won
League8th May 2012Liverpool41Chelsea40,721 match lost booked
League13th May 2012Chelsea21Blackburn Rovers40,742 match won Sub on 43 mins
Europe5th Dec 2012Chelsea61FC Nordsjaelland40,084 match won Sub on 74 mins
Fifa Club World Cup13th Dec 2012Monterrey13Chelsea36,648 match won Sub on 74 mins
League Cup19th Dec 2012Leeds United15Chelsea33,816 match won Sub on 86 mins
League12th Jan 2013Stoke City04Chelsea27,348 match won Sub on 83 mins
F.A. Cup27th Feb 2013Middlesbrough02Chelsea27,856 match won
Europe11th Apr 2013Rubin Kazan32Chelsea25,000 match lost
League19th May 2013Chelsea21Everton41,794 match won Sub on 89 mins

Non-Competitive First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances

Non-Competitive First-Team Goals


Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Paulo Ferreira made 0 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Non-Competitive First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt

Non-First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances

Non-First-Team Goals


Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Paulo Ferreira made 0 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Non-First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt

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Chelsea FC Player Paulo Ferreira

Games Won: 150
Win Percentage: 69.12%
Total Bookings: 19
Times Sent Off: 0


During his Chelsea first-team career of 217 appearances, Paulo Ferreira played alongside the following 83 players (number of appearances together in the same match-day squad in brackets)

Nathan Aké (3)
Alex (53)
Nicolas Anelka (59)
César Azpilicueta (5)
Demba Ba (2)
Celestine Babayaro (5)
Michael Ballack (59)
Juliano Belletti (22)
Tal Ben Haim (9)
Yossi Benayoun (8)
Ryan Bertrand (8)
Fabio Borini (2)
José Bosingwa (26)
Khalid Boulahrouz (13)
Wayne Bridge (59)
Jeffrey Bruma (9)
Gary Cahill (3)
Ricardo Carvalho (99)
Petr Cech (164)
Ashley Cole (84)
Carlton Cole (6)
Joe Cole (115)
Hernan Crespo (22)
Carlo Cudicini (25)
Deco (19)
Asier Del Horno (15)
Franco Di Santo (4)
Lassana Diarra (15)
Didier Drogba (158)
Damien Duff (62)
Michael Essien (106)
William Gallas (59)
Geremi (37)
Eiður Guðjohnsen (60)
Eden Hazard (5)
Henrique Hilário (23)
Sam Hutchinson (5)
Robert Huth (20)
Branislav Ivanović (55)
Jiří Jarošík (10)
Glen Johnson (19)
Gaël Kakuta (9)
Salomon Kalou (111)
Mateja Kežman (32)
Frank Lampard (179)
David Luiz (14)
Romelu Lukaku (3)
Claude Makélélé (103)
Florent Malouda (74)
Maniche (4)
Marko Marin (2)
Juan Mata (10)
Josh McEachran (10)
Raul Meireles (6)
Jacob Mellis (1)
Tiago Mendes (38)
John Obi Mikel (97)
Mineiro (1)
Nuno Morais (4)
Victor Moses (6)
Adrian Mutu (2)
Oscar (6)
Scott Parker (8)
Lenny Pidgeley (1)
Claudio Pizarro (15)
Ramires (31)
Arjen Robben (69)
Oriol Romeu (7)
Ben Sahar (5)
Andriy Shevchenko (42)
Steve Sidwell (11)
Scott Sinclair (9)
Alexey Smertin (18)
Jimmy Smith (1)
Daniel Sturridge (29)
John Terry (170)
Fernando Torres (19)
Ross Turnbull (8)
Patrick van Aanholt (6)
Steven Watt (1)
Michael Woods (1)
Shaun Wright-Phillips (71)
Yuri Zhirkov (26)